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McFall Beeyard has been enjoying the fascinating world of beekeeping for decades. With each passing season, we are touched, moved, and inspired in knowing that we are propagating healthy populations of bees who forage and pollinate our farmer’s crops, our neighbor’s gardens, and wild vegetation that sustains wildlife. The entire ecosystem benefits from our bees. McFall Beeyard seeks to grow the population and health of honeybees, one colony at a time.

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Murder Hornets Destroy Entire Bee Colony

McFall Beeyard had the unfortunate experience of suffering the slaughter of an entire bee colony by Asian Giant Hornets.  The Murder Hornet is a grave threat to honeybees and our beeyard happens to be located exactly where the Murder Hornets are trying to take a foothold into the United States.  Having an entire bee colony beheaded has turned much of our time and efforts to defend the honeybee!

We are doing everything we possibly can to detect and eradicate these creatures, including investing time and money baiting various types of traps.  We are trying our best to help win the battle against Murder Hornets before they spread to protect the honeybees.

Ted McFall is featured in a new documentary on Discovery+ that follows the people trying to eradicate the Giant Asian Hornet, from the United States

Our predicament with the Asian Giant Hornet has captured a great deal of media attention. The story that began the media frenzy was an article in the New York Times which included the slaughtered McFall Beeyard colony:

‘Murder Hornets’ in the U.S.: The Rush to Stop the Asian Giant Hornet

Follow Our Struggle with the Murder Hornet

Immediately after the story was run about the devastating Murder Hornet attack, major media outlets from across the nation and the world were seeking interviews. Below are a few of the interviews:

Invasion! The threat from Asian giant hornets
The Murder Hornet
What are 'murder hornets' and why won't people stop talking about them?


We feel a great sense of urgency to protect and preserve the honeybee; and it is an overwhelmingly worthy task.  The importance of honeybees cannot be overstated.  The pollination that honeybees perform is vital to our food supply.