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100% Natural Honey

Raw, Unfiltered

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100% Natural Honey

Raw, Unfiltered

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100% Natural Honey

100% Natural Honey

Raw, unfiltered product

Premium Quality Honey

Premium Quality Honey

Taste the difference

Support the Honey Bee and beekeeping.

Support Bees & Beekeeping

Help Protect Honey Bees

Nutrition Facts

McFall Beeyard values mother nature and her intended way of eating honey… RAW and UNFILTERED!  Our Raw honey is never filtered, and is loaded with enzymes, antioxidants, local pollen, propolis and natural minerals.  Honey that is properly produced boasts of numerous health benefits.

At McFall Beeyard, we take pride in raising and keeping bees through ORGANIC methods.  We NEVER use low dose pesticide strips!  It is a very common practice for beekeepers to apply inorganic methods to their beehives; but we, at McFall Beeyard, uphold our belief in beekeeping through all-natural and organic practices.  

We feel good knowing that we are not only helping the planet and the ecosystem with our bees, but we are producing sweet honey that helps keep people healthy.

Eat honey the way Winnie the Pooh eats it… raw!


Bee Swarm catching

Swarm Catching

Bee pollinating


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We want to share our passion for Bees and our knowledge, with the community. Let’s join hands and create a more harmonious eco-system around us.

Nature’s Super Food

Our raw honey contains vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that you won’t find in processed honey.  It is never heated, and retains the beneficial nutrients, live enzymes and antioxidants which mother nature provides.

Unfiltered Honey

We never filter our honey.  Unfiltered honey retains the phytonutrients which provide honey’s antioxidant properties, its antibacterial and antifungal power, and immune-boosting and anticancer benefits.

Organic Practices

 We are very proud that every single drop of our honey has been produced through organic practices.  We are committed to all-natural organic beekeeping techniques to produce the highest quality honey.

Ethically Harvested

We are local, natural beekeepers and we always take special care to extract only from the bee surplus.  We believe that healthy and happy bees are exceptionally productive.  We treat our bees with great care; after all, they are part of our family!

McFall Beeyard Honey VERSUS Processed Honey